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General information

The main goal of ACON (Again COnnected Networks) is to foster the integration of the Czech and the Slovak electricity markets. ACON aims to efficiently integrate the behaviour and actions of grid users in order to ensure an economically efficient, sustainable electricity system with low losses and high quality and security of supply and safety.

Furthermore, project partners aspire to expand the interconnection of the markets in CEE region, lead to the improvement of the quality and security of supply in border areas, and bring deep and close experience with smart grid technology to the area as a bridge to the potential use of smart grid technologies in both countries.

Estimated project value
221 mil.
Estimated time of realization

Project benefits


Better quality of electricity supply, potential for new renewable energy connection, improvement of competitiveness, network connectivity for all users, long-term reduction of negative environmental impact


New experiences in the field in area of CEE region, better energy stability, security of supply, wider environmental impacts, intensification of international cooperation, strengthening of physical interconnection between the two countries

Project goals

ACON Smart Grids is targeting the major aspects of the development of Smart Grids. Based on smart technologies, new elements of communication will be added as well as an intelligent load management with automatically algorithms, which will ensure higher awareness, better connection and future usability of distribution networks for broader deployment of renewable sources, usage and access to digital infrastructure.

Specific activity

ACON Smart Grids consists of two main parts: a massive smart element: equipment of border areas with Smart Technologies (IMS, AMM, remote controls, new technology TS’s, installation of cables) and a supporting conventional part.

Official project documents

The publication of a document is defined in Regulation (EU) 347/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 April 2013 on guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure – TEN-E Regulation