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Action No. 10.4-0017-W-M-18 represents the most mature part of the PCI ACON. Action is currently implemented with financial support from the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility, which was provided in 2019 - as of 31.12.2021, €43.2 million has been drawn down.

The Action's aim is to modernize and improve the efficiency of the distribution grid at different locations of the Czech and Slovak territories, especially in the border areas and cross-border connections. The construction and improvement of existing distribution grid will increase reliability of power supply and improve the voltage ratios in the high voltage and medium voltage distribution with the main goal to achieve more flexible connection of additional points of delivery.

The installation of smart elements connected to an upgraded communication structure will enable more efficient management and control of distribution system. Finally, the integration and implementation of IT solutions supporting smart grids will allow the beneficiaries to gather and analyse larger volumes of data to improve the lifecycle of distribution assets and facilitate the decision-making process on the distribution grid's needs. Subsequently, all gathered data will have direct impact on distribution grid management, process management and optimisation of distribution system management: operation, maintenance and renewal planning.

Co-Funded by the European Union

1. Border areas connections improvement

The activity is focused on construction, renewal, and strengthening of border and cross-border high and medium voltage lines and modernization of a substation near Tvrdonice. Installation of smart elements (remote control, continuous measurement components) is also part of the activity.

Examples of specific activities:

  • Operation change of 2x110 kV interconnection power line including the outgoing feeder and bus-tie at Tvrdonice substation
  • Construction of high voltage lines (Kopčany, Hodonín, Holič) and renewal of high voltage lines (Březová, Starý Hrozenkov, Sidonie)
  • Construction and reconstruction of medium voltage and high voltage lines in border and cross-border areas between SK and CZ
  • 22 kV distribution line from Dubnica nad Váhom to the Czech border and 22 kV line from Hodonín to Holíč


  • Creating technical backup to enable more effective and qucker cross-border cooperation
  • Increasing the security and reliability of operation of the distribution system

2. Management of distribution system

The activity includes the construction of two substations, as well as upgrading transformer stations to “smart transformer stations” and installation of a significant number of smart elements for control and monitoring in distribution networks throughout the whole area covered by the project.

Examples of specific activities:

  • Construction of new 110kV/22kV substations (Brno-sever, Borský Svätý Jur) and construction of “smart transformer stations”
  • Installation of glazed frost detectors on 110kV lines and fault detectors for insulated conductors of high voltage
  • Grids automation through the installation of reclosers and remote switchers


  • Increased reliability of power supply and more flexibility in the management of both planned and unexpected interruptions of power distribution
  • Higher level of interoperability in the operation of both distribution grids in the border region
  • New possibilities for connecting renewable energy sources that will accelerate local electricity production, as well as electricity consumption in the given area, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as reducing distribution losses

3. Distribution grid communication (smart) elements

The activity aims to build a communication infrastructure between transformer stations, substations and the medium voltage network, including installation of smart elements, in order to enable effective data collection, communication among grid elements and for subsequent data sharing and remote management

Examples of specific activities:

  • Construction of fiber-optic network
  • Installation of broadband over power lines communication in cities and switching elements at the overhead/cable interfaces, including smart elements (remote control, line load, and failure data transmission)


  • Increased reliability of power supply and added value of applied equipment and convenience of customers thanks to advanced communication and diagnostic methods
  • Possibilities for better decision making in the area of distribution grid expansion and international cooperation
  • The existing distribution grid will be supplemented with smart elements that will enable: more efficient management of distribution system through remote access, data transmission regarding failures, information on system load and smart switching. 

4. Smart grid IT solutions

The main output of this activity will be the establishment of a modern monitoring center and the implementation of several strategic IT solutions (both hardware and software) focused on data distribution.

Examples of specific activities:

  • Integration of GIS and SCADA systems
  • Creation of a system for recording and sharing measured data from the network and establishment of a monitoring center for the controlling infrastructure
  • Smart Grid IT platform


  • More accurate data analysis during the whole lifecycle of distribution assets thanks to larger volumes of gathered data
  • Improved decision-making regarding requirements of a distribution grid
  • Improved system management, process management, optimization of distribution system operation or distribution grid maintenance, and renewal planning
  • Ensuring economically efficient, sustainable electricity system with low losses and high quality and security of supply

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